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I am passionate about content creation and lifestyle design, and where those two things intersect. With over two decades of multimedia experience I am here to help you navigate your own personal digital transformation. If you have goals you want to accomplish this year the best way to reach those targets is with great content.
At Heartcast University we offer the following

Real Time Learning

Choose from various monthly offerings to learn from Molly in a group setting.

Online Coures

We have a full suite of online course for you to learn at your own pace.

Project Consulting

You will get a clear sense of direction for your content, thorough assessment and faster results.


We will cover everything you need to do before you record; including strategy and goal setting.

Copy & Branding

Learn how to write excellent copy and branding to ensure your content is optimized for SEO and visibility.

Marketing & Monetization

Learn how to market your content for maximum visibility in order to attract sponsors and leverage your brand.

Equipment & Software

Everything you need to know about recording your content from your living room or in a professional studio.

YouTube Optimization

Do you want to monetize your content and build a presence online? We can teach you how to set your channel up for success.

To Create Impactful Content, You’ll Need a Good Plan

Why Should I Join?
You have been thinking about starting a podcast or building that online course for a while but you need that final push. You need someone to answer questions and help guide your process to make sure you are hitting your goals. I am that person, I will give you the no-bull response that you have been looking for. I want to see you win, let me help you make that happen.
Why do I need Molly?
Every great entrepreneur is surrounded by coaches and advisors who will tell you what kind of content to create, Molly will teach you how to get that done. Great content is the difference between businesses that thrive, and those that do not.
What is one-on-one consultation?

We understand that every content creator is at a different stage of development; this is why I offer consultation services to fit the needs of every kind of business.

Unlike a business coach, Molly will do more than just tell you what to do –she will be with you when you need her the most to answer all your questions and guide your content goals.

People are talking about Heartcast Media

What Makes Them Love Us

If you need something to do this weekend, take Heartcast Media's class on how to start a podcast. Molly Ruland teaches the class and she is very knowledgeable about the podcast industry.
Clay Hollencamp
Thanks again for the insightful class about podcasting. Very helpful, chock full of info, & humor. I love how you keep it real.

Sage Raindancer
From my first conversation with Molly, she made me believe that not only could I start my own podcast, I could grow it, and build an engaged community far more than I imagined. She was right. Her online course and encouraging advice were just what I needed to give me the information I needed to go from complete novice to official podcaster.

Molly is great. My brother and I attended one of her workshops in November where she taught us how to setup a podcast business. In January we wrapped our first season and are now in development for our second. She took something so complex, abstract, and foreign to us and broke it down into manageable tasks. If you're going to learn from anyone, it should be Molly.
Heartcast media saved my life. I have wanted to do a podcast for the past 3 years. But I had neither the time nor the inclination to learn how to produce or market one. When I met Molly at Heartcast I knew within 10 minutes that I had fond my solution. All I have to do is show up and talk. Molly and her team do the rest. Molly’s passion, expertise and energy have kept me on track and loving the process. I wish I had met her 3 years ago.
Articulate Persuasion
Monique Maley, Founder
Molly has a keen understanding of what it takes to create a podcast that people will want to listen to. Her concept around content creation and distribution is worth the price of admission alone. If you are looking to share your gifts with others, start with this class and finish with a podcast you can be proud of
I had the pleasure of working with Molly, the brilliant CEO of Heartcast Media to produce my new podcast, Crown to Ground. Molly truly has a gift for producing and live editing which is evident as the final product is nothing short of sheer genius! Molly ensures her guests feel welcome in all areas but shines with her sparkling personality and super chill vibe which create an outstanding work environment.
Heather Cline
Crown To Ground

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